Monday, April 11, 2011

24 days till graduation...but who's counting?

OK 24 days till graduation
I defended my capstone project today... Not sure if it was accepted or not...
Still need to submit my paper that goes along with the capstone project and also finish about 75 more clinic hours.

REALLY sick of this school crap. Don't think I'll EVER do it again...never ever.

Not much else has been going on, Mikey and I generally just try to keep Quinn entertained and stimulated. It is a lot easier when it is warm outside. I am getting pretty sick of the cold. I usually don't mind winter because it is made more fun by skiing etc. With all this school stuff I have only had about 1 day off with quinn.

Quinn is jabbering a lot. She has about 15--20 mostly understandable words and tons of non understandable words. She also has a repertoire of 20 animal sounds, knows about 8 body parts and the letter A. I'm a proud Mama.

My goals for this summer are to get back to a non pathetic shape for mountain biking, play with Quinn and Michael, and whip the dogs back into shape.

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