Saturday, August 13, 2011

summer 11

I know I know I've been pretty bad at keeping up the blog.

Lots of things have changed...I started a new job as a nurse practitioner with pediatric rheumatology. Let me tell ya what, I have ALOT to learn. There is not much instruction on rheumatologic disorders in NP school. It seems as though I have a great group to work with. They are teaching me a lot and don't want to overwhelm me.
We finally have a normalish schedule, I work monday-friday --office hours and michael is working 3 days per week. it's kinda nice to get home before 745 at night, although working 5 days a week is taking some getting used to.

Quinn is having a good summer. She pretty much goes somewhere every day: park, hike, bike race, aquarium, zoo. On wednesdays she has gymnastics. She loves it. When we get into the parking lot she starts freaking out because she wants to go "pay" (play). she is talking like crazy and we can understand about 60-70%.
Quinn is getting bigger she is getting so tall, but so skinny, in a year she has only gained about 2 lbs (unfortunately I think I have gained more than that). That is probably because Quinn is going full speed ALL day. She doesn't walk anywhere, she insists on running everywhere. She is opinionated and definitely knows what she wants and when she wants it. From day one We realized that everything had to be on her terms. Teenage years should be fun...

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